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Complementary Coloring Book and Crayons with Each Wijab

What About Us

Asalamu Alikuim my Whymzical sisters, my name is Leah. I am an Americian Muslim, and I am seven years old and I wear a hijab. A hijab is a headscarf, I call my hijab a wijab because I whip it on where ever I go. I design all kinds of whymzical wijabz , l love my wijab. It’s my very own princess crown and I added the beauty of Islam while making these wijabz. And each wijab will come with a coloring book describing some beautiful miracles coming from our noble Quran. And I wanted you, my whymzical sister, to feel as whymzical as I do in my wijabz.

Asalamu Alikuim, my name is Suzy and I am the founder of Whymzical Wijabz. I would like to tell you how Whymzical Wijabz came about. Whymzical Wijabz is more than a hijab, each wijab has a design inspired by a Surah from our noble Quran, it was made with love and was thought out in every way. Even down to the thread, patterns, and colors; to ensure your Pious Princess wears it well and is able to fall in love with the hijab. This allows her to reach a level of beauty and confidence that is incomparable because it is loved by Allah. Whymzical Wijabz will brighten her days, strengthen her personality, and boost her confidence. Combining the hijab with a complementary coloring book she will understand that true beauty comes from within and is a blessing from Allah. The coloring book will be a fun visual outlet for your children to read about the miracles of Allah and realize that they too are a miracle from Allah. As a mother this brings me so much joy my dear sisters to guide your little gems and allow them to flourish and grow into the valuable gems they are. May your gems wear their Whymzical Wijabz in good health and intention Ameen. Finally I want to say Hamdulillah for all my blessings my supporting husband, & my children. My very talented niece Adina Doleh who spent her nights as the amazing illustrator for this book. Barak Allah may Allah love you all InshAllah.